The whole feel of Martinique was very similar to that of France, just in a different climate; this was fairly comforting in many ways. They use the euro and speak french, which for Olivier was great as this is his native language. However, for Sam and I it was a bit more of a struggle. … Continue reading Martinique

St Lucia

After arriving into St Lucia we spent the first week in Rodney Bay Marina so we could get ourselves sorted, our body clocks back to usual and a mound of washing done. We filled our bellies with full english breakfasts, pizza, hamburgers, beer and rum punch. After multiple showers and a few good nights sleep … Continue reading St Lucia

Cape Verde Islands

After long discussions we decided to go via the Cape Verde Islands instead of crossing the Atlantic straight from the Canary Islands. And what a mistake it would have been not to have visited these beautiful islands. We spent ten days in Mindelo, the main city on the island of Saint Vincente. Initially after spending … Continue reading Cape Verde Islands